About me

I was born with music, art and dance. My parents are both artists. My father in visual arts and my mother in dance.
When my mother was teaching, even as a toddler I would float among everyone...


Years later, I danced with various productions until I had an accident on stage during the performance of the Phantom of the Opera. Years of training, blood, sweat and tears came to an abrupt end.


It was finished... Over and out.


But my journey continued dancing, via the dolphins in Dolfinarium Harderwijk to in the air as a stewardess.


The years flew by. Happy in life with my three daughters and husband. Until fate struck and my mate suddenly died, while we were about to emigrate to French Guiana to live the life.


After years of grieving, the creative spirit in me sought a way out and I was inspired by the stop-motion film Kubo. Not long after, I had created my first puppet Buddy, inspired by my husband, who magically came to life through the stopmotion technique! This was an indescribable feeling of happiness and my passion for creating was reawakened.


I took the Bare Bone Modelling course at Aardman in Bristol UK where Jim Parking was my tutor. Full of ideas I flew back to the Netherlands where I used my new knowledge to create even more characters.


In 2020, I started studying 3D Producer at the College of MultiMedia in Amsterdam where I have graduated as a Maxon Advanced Certificate 3D Producer.


After the study, I turned our lives around by selling our house to live on our sailboat where I am preparing to leave in a few years while continuing working from our boat La BelleBleu.

Live your life..!